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Chaotic Evil

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 107
Associated Creatures: bryrvath, drow, ghoul, jinsul, kyokor, orocoran, the Swarm
Associated Deities: The Devourer, Lamashtu, Nyarlathotep
Associated Planes: The Abyss
Associated Worlds: Apostae, Aucturn, Shadari Confederacy

A chaotic evil society is dangerous and unpredictable. It has few laws or governing bodies, instead being controlled by whoever can wield the most power or inspire the most fear. Many chaotic evil societies are overseen by a variety of powerful groups or individuals who have found tentative equilibrium, though how much control each has is constantly in flux. Individuals and groups in positions of power change rapidly as they’re toppled, betrayed, or overthrown by their underlings or enemies. A chaotic evil society primarily respects cruelty and power. While much of their violence is internecine, these societies often project their aggression outward through raiding, pillaging, and conquest.
Citizens from a chaotic evil society are often driven by greed, hate, lust for power, or a love of inflicting pain. They’re often brutal and unpredictable, having no qualms about betraying even their closest allies. They lash out at anyone who attempts to control or restrain them, though many must rein in these urges against more powerful adversaries.
A chaotic evil society might be a terrifying military powerhouse ruled by a bloodthirsty tyrant, a coalition of gangs locked in a tenuous equilibrium until one can seize control, an anarchic metropolis where every citizen struggles for survival, or a cutthroat kleptocracy hiding behind a veneer of legitimacy. Its citizens might be bloodthirsty berserkers or mages who aim their aggression at outside enemies, criminals who prey on each other as often as they’re preyed upon, anarchists intent on tearing down governments throughout the galaxy, or demon-worshiping cultists who yearn to spread pain and misery.
Chaotic evil societies don’t usually monitor their citizens or control who visits them, but most citizens consider visitors to be either future adversaries to confront or victims to oppress.