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Hacking Objectives

Source Tech Revolution pg. 71
Objectives represent a combination of goals and obstacles that a hacker overcomes during a hacking encounter. An encounter typically begins with several objectives, and additional objectives appear over the course of the encounter. These objectives are divided into three categories based on their lead function, and sample objectives appear on page 73.
Countermeasures: These objectives represent deliberate defenses that pose some risk to hackers. They range from alarms and contingent computer viruses to live counterhackers attempting to stymie intruders.
Modules: These objectives are programs that typically have value to the hackers—and are usually the reason for hacking in the first place—such as command modules that control doors or data modules that contain valuable intelligence.
Nodes: These objectives are figurative branches within the computer that provide access to other objectives beyond. Reaching modules often requires traversing one or more nodes.

Objective Statistics

Source Tech Revolution pg. 71
Objectives typically include a name, a description, and the following.
Check DC: This is the base DC of skill checks for interacting with this obstacle. An obstacle’s check DC equals either 15 + 1-1/2 × the encounter’s CR or 15 + 3 × the computer’s tier. Specific checks and actions often include modifiers that adjust this value.
Resolve: This lists the way or ways a hacker might overcome the objective. A Resolve entry lists the checks required, the number of successes required for each check, and any modifier to the base DC for those checks. For example, an obstacle with a Check DC of 18 that lists Hack (DC + 0, 2 successes) and Process (DC – 2, 1 success) as its Resolve entry requires two successful DC 18 Hack checks and one successful DC 16 Process check to overcome.
Support: This lists any alternate skills a hacker can use when performing the aid action to assist another hacker in overcoming the obstacle.
Countdown: This is a timer that triggers special conditions after a certain number of phases, listed in parentheses; some obstacles’ Countdowns are rolled randomly when the obstacle appears. At the end of each hacking phase, reduce this number by 1. If the number is ever reduced to 0, the listed effect occurs.
Success: This is any special effect that happens once the objective has been resolved.
Special: This is any additional effect the obstacle creates.