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Master a Ritual

Source Galactic Magic pg. 89
You attempt to learn or practice a ritual to successfully cast it and reduce the danger posed by failure.
Activity: Name a single ritual to which you have access or know. You spend the day practicing this ritual.
Results: For 1 day, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to checks required as part of ritual actions taken to cast the ritual you named.
Multiday: When you spend a week on this downtime activity, you can attempt to learn the ritual; alternatively, you can teach a ritual you already know to a number of people equal to your ranks in Mysticism. Attempt a Mysticism check; the DC of this check is 10 + 3 × the level of the ritual. If you succeed, you learn the ritual, or, if you were teaching it, everyone you taught learns it. If you fail, you can take another week and use this downtime activity to try again.