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Airborne Rules And Reference

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 49
Starfinder has many rules to aid in airborne adventures. Basic information on flying appears on page 259 of the Core Rulebook, with additional information about using the Acrobatics skill to fly on page 135. For dealing with cloud cover as well as stealth and detection in aerial terrain, see the Aerial Terrain section on page 396 of the Core Rulebook. The Weather section on pages 398–400 of the Core Rulebook details the wind conditions creatures might need to fly through and other weather they might encounter, while the rules on falling from pages 400–401 describe what happens to those who fail to stay aloft. Of course, creatures need to have a way to fly to begin with! Those without natural flight can make use of magic, such as flight (Core Rulebook 355), or technological methods of flying, such as jump jets for short hops or jetpacks for true flight (Core Rulebook 205). For specific settings to run airborne adventures or for inspiration in creating your own airborne worlds, check out the Aeries of Laubu Mesa on Castrovel (Pact Worlds 33), the strix-inhabited tower of Qidel on Verces (Pact Worlds 65), and the hovering citadels of Meruchia and Nusova on Triaxus (Pact Worlds 105). As for gas giants, the worlds of Liavara and Bretheda (Pact Worlds 108–126) showcase a multitude of settlements.