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Aquatic Rules And References

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 53
Starfinder already has many rules to aid in aquatic adventures. Information on swimming appears on page 137 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook, and details on swim speeds appear on page 259. While several species can breathe underwater, those that don’t will find the mechanics of suffocation, drowning, and aquatic combat on pages 404–405 particularly useful. The Aquatic Terrain section in the Core Rulebook (page 396) describes terrain that players might encounter, including rules for adventuring in deep water and extreme deep water, as well as limitations on underwater perception. The Falling into Water section (page 401) details fall damage and diving mechanics, while the Heat Dangers section (pages 402–403) describes damage taken by exposure to boiling water. Not all creatures are adapted for aquatic adventures, and those without natural swim speeds can make use of cybernetics, such as gill sheaths (Core Rulebook 211). Standard starships aren’t designed for use in water, so vehicles ideal for aquatic travel, like minisubs and hoverpods (Core Rulebook 228–229), can also prove useful.
Use your imagination to craft your own vibrant aquatic worlds, or take inspiration from the sarcesian underwater dome colonies on Nisis (Pact Worlds 85), the dark waters of The River Between that wind through the Diaspora (Pact Worlds 86), and the icy depths of Dahak’s Claw on Triaxus (Pact Worlds 104). The island-dotted Vesk-2 (Near Space 26–31) and the pink Basin Sea of Vesk-3 (Near Space 36) provide further examples of aquatic settings.