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Arctic Rules And Reference

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 57
The Starfinder Core Rulebook has numerous applicable rules to help guide adventures in arctic realms. The desert terrain section on page 397 is a good place to start, as the lack of precipitation on the tundra qualifies it as an extremely cold desert. Cold dangers are discussed on page 400, followed by the mechanics for navigating icy terrain. Heavy winds, another common occurrence on the tundra, are covered starting on page 399. You can also find information on various atmospheres on pages 395–396, in case your arctic world’s atmosphere is less hospitable.
Characters exploring frozen environments may run the risk of falling through thin ice; you can refer to the rules for falling into water on page 401. Pages 404–405 cover drowning and underwater combat if adventurers explore any arctic seas (accidentally or by choice). In this vein, the aquatic terrain section on pages 396–397 might also be useful.
Living mounts are common in arctic biomes; the fleecy, eight-legged wollipeds are a hardy steed in cold regions. These domesticated herd animals are a common choice for a companion or steed (Starfinder Alien Archive 3 146–147). Further information on creature companions can be found in Alien Archive 3 on pages 138–147.