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Marsh Rules And Reference

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 69
Starfinder already provides numerous rules that befit marsh adventures. Basic information appears on pages 397–398 of the Core Rulebook, with an emphasis on navigating shallow bogs and deep bogs. Check out the cover rules on pages 253–254 of the Core Rulebook, as a combination of water and a swamp’s woody vegetation should give creatures in these environments plenty of natural defenses. On those same pages, see the concealment rules to incorporate sheets of hanging moss, mazes of grass, and low-lying boughs into firefights. Wetlands can quickly enter deeper water, where suffocation and drowning (Core Rulebook 404) and underwater combat (Core Rulebook 405) come into play, and marshes often attract disease-spreading creatures that can leave creatures fighting off afflictions (Core Rulebook 414–419).