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Infinite Worlds / Marsh

Marsh Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 70
See Biome Subsections on page 46 for advice on how to use the following tables.

Marsh Inhabitants

5–8Cerebric fungusCaypin
9–12CopaxiColour out of Space
13–16Dragon, blackDiatha
17–20Dragon, bronzeDinosaur, pterosaur
21–24Entu colonyDinosaur, sauropod
25–28Entu symbioteElectrovore
29–32FormianElemental, earth
33–36GhoranElemental, water
37–40Goblin, spaceElmeshra
41–44HortusBodysnatcher slime
45–48IjtikriFeeder fungus
49–52IlthisarianFrujai colony
53–56JububnanHerd Animal, marsh
69–72PahtraPredator, marsh
73–76RaxiliteScavenger slime
77–80ScyphozoanSwamp strider
81–84SpathinaeSwarm corrovox
97–100WrikreecheeWrither swarm

Marsh Adventure Hooks

D20Adventure Hook
1 Gases unknown to science bubble up through a marsh. Scientific institutions and mining corporations alike court adventurers to investigate this resource and its source—a difficult task because the gases cause local wildlife to become extremely aggressive.
2 A settlement was recently abandoned and flooded, its levies and drainage systems apparently torn down on purpose. The more explorers investigate, the more it seems the settlement’s former residents flooded their home to bury something terrible beneath the waters.
3 Drought has caused an otherwise permanent wetland to recede, uncovering hibernating amphibious eels that hungrily attack a nearby settlement whose residents are wholly unprepared for the previously slumbering threats.
4 For decades, local wetlands have filtered and absorbed techno‑magical waste from nearby factories, yet arcane pollution has reached critical mass, rapidly mutating flora. Carnivorous plants have grown to terrifying sizes, while other plants are growing lucrative, magic-infused fruits.
5 A planet’s millions of mangroves have always migrated, meandering several miles a year. Satellite imaging has identified a pattern to the movements, and in a few weeks, the mangroves and channels will have aligned to form Ibra’s holy symbol. What secrets might this confluence uncover?
6 Exploitation of a fen’s rare plants has inadvertently spread a deadly fungus, infecting several other worlds. The harvesting corporation desperately wants researchers to explore the locale to seek a remedy to the dangerous infecter.
7 Baffling yet consistent data has convinced surveyors that a massive marsh shouldn’t exist; it lacks the rivers or rainfall to remain wet, yet the area is consistently waterlogged. Magical consultants believe a connection to the Elemental Planes might be responsible.
8 A perpetual swamp, saturated with mystical otherworldly water, gradually saps its visitors’ memories. Explorers have returned from the marsh carrying strange, incomplete relics that might hold secrets to the Gap. Yet, the adventurers have no memory of how they found these artifacts.
9 “Itrion’s Tears” seemed a figurative name for a large marsh until the land recently peeled away to reveal a miles-wide staring eye, blinking away the swamp water. Locals desperately need someone to investigate and possibly negotiate with the eye. Is the entire world one living creature?
10 A vast bog’s rare flowers release psychotropic pollen on a 17-year cycle. The pollen infested nearby colonists, killing them in an ecstasy-fueled frenzy and caused them to rise as emotivores that even now attack their neighbors.
11 Ominous smoke began seeping from the bog as an errant and enraged fire elemental ignited an isolated peat deposit. It’s only a matter of time before the elemental seeks out a larger deposit that could set the continent ablaze.
12 Operating under the guise of ecologists, a cult of Oras has transformed a marsh into its personal laboratory. The cult’s experimental creatures have run amok, not only upending the local ecosystem but also threatening nearby settlements.
13 An estuary’s salinity increase has caused previously innocuous wildlife, such as clams and otters, to manifest magical abilities to adapt to these conditions. Their primal outbursts have begun to threaten nearby communities.
14 A proliferation of poisonous moss has grown so quickly that it’s dangerously changing the atmosphere’s composition. What is driving this explosive growth and what can stop it?
15 A fey monarch has offered extraordinary wealth in exchange for a talented starship crew’s services. Yet earning the payout involves tracking down the fey in a vast marsh. What’s so important that it warrants this trial and reward?
16 The threads of marsh-dwelling constellation moth cocoons encode secrets of distant star systems. This pristine silk is effectively a treasure map, yet local Xenowardens attack anyone who threatens the endangered moths.
17 An alien wetland isn’t damp from water; it’s semifluid due to ongoing radioactive and magical decay, creating a muddy expanse of irradiated ferns. The radioactive source has intensified in the past month. What does it portend?
18 Swamp-dwelling locals have gradually reshaped the land to expand their floating cities, yet this threatens ancient ruins that predate their culture. Xenoarchaeologists need help salvaging these sodden sites before they’re swallowed forever.
19 After sapient inhabitants hunted down most of the large predators in a swamp, those creatures’ prey have exploded in number and are swiftly reshaping the environment, threatening to flood local settlements.
20 A local bog has always been a haunt for criminals lying low, but a bandit leader has united these dissidents into a small army of raiders that has raided research stations and stolen dangerous biological agents. They’re now threatening to unleash these on innocent populations if not paid off.