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Mountain Rules And Reference

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 73
A short but comprehensive set of rules for mountain adventure is available in the Core Rulebook on page 397. This section outlines the different aspects of mountains, from chasms to Perception checks. The Weather and Environmental Rules sections on pages 398–405 of the Core Rulebook also contain several relevant rules, particularly cold dangers and falling.
For equipment, the gear clamp (Core Rulebook 231) is useful for keeping items together while climbing, and having gems on hand to trade can help when encountering mountain-dwelling miners who prefer to barter solely in valuable minerals.
Perhaps the most famous mountain in the Pact Worlds is Akiton’s Ka, Pillar of the Sky (Pact Worlds 55), which is the site of many spiritual journeys made to its peak and a bustling market at its foot. Extensive and mysterious mountain ranges can be found on many planets, such as Castrovel’s Singing Range (Pact Worlds 36) or on the Liavaran moon Osoro (Pact Worlds 116), where settlements sit on mountaintops emerging from a sea of toxic gases.