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Plains Adventurers

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 76
Those hailing from plains regions are usually familiar with vast distances and long journeys. They might gain this knowledge in nomadic communities or by working long-haul shipping. Yearly on-foot sojourns across lush subtropical grasslands likely lead to aptitude for Athletics, while hours in the cockpit of a hoverhauler imparts knowledge of Piloting. Some are experienced at reading the sprawling horizon for weather signs. Others earn their livelihoods from the land itself through hunting prairie game or investigating a planet’s natural resources. Both categories make good use of the Survival skill. Resource seekers can be botanists, geologists, surveyors, and other professions that require Life Science and Physical Science skills. The Culture skill helps historians, diplomats, and archeologists; many arable plains make ideal population centers or facilitate transportation and cultural exchange. Given many plains’ lack of easily defensible positions—or the simple need to spot water, food, or shelter— plains adventurers are likely proficient in Perception. Lastly, many cultures have used plains for representing grand figures or establishing striking monuments; such devotees are almost certainly skilled in Mysticism.