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Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 81
Starfinder contains many rules and systems specifically for use in space and space-related situations. The Core Rulebook contains some basic information on space, cosmic rays and vacuum (including decompression) on page 394, as well as information on astronomical objects that may fit into forays that go beyond atmosphere. Rules for movement in zero gravity (Core Rulebook 402) and the dangers of radiation and suffocation (Core Rulebook 403–405) are all especially useful in space environments. As the majority of characters wear armor, being familiar with environmental protections (Core Rulebook 196–199) also comes in handy. Unless otherwise specified, the boots included with a set of armor can anchor the wearer’s feet to a solid surface in a zero-gravity environment (Core Rulebook 196). You can find examples and inspiration for your own space locales in the Diaspora (Pact Worlds 78), the rings of Preluria (Near Space 100), or even outside stations and worldships such as Absalom Station (Pact Worlds 38), the Idari (Pact Worlds 68), or Conqueror’s Forge (Near Space 62).