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Space Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 82
See Biome Subsections on page 46 for advice on how to use the following tables.

Space Inhabitants

5–8Azata, tritidairAsteray
13–16Dragon, voidColour out of space
17–20Dragon, vortexDeh-nolo
21–24EquinoxianDevil, endbringer
25–28Giant, moonFerrofluid ooze
29–32Goblin, spaceGremlin, ship glitch
41–44Mi-goMordagast butcher
53–56ParaforanPlasma ooze
65–68RavaiSolar wisp
77–80SeprevoiTroll, void
89–92ValnarumVermin, space
93–96VarculakVoid ooze

Space Adventure Hooks

D20Adventure Hook
1 A mining station has stopped sending regular status and inventory updates and is instead broadcasting the same cryptic message on automated repeat. Several corporate interests are looking for freelance contractors to investigate the matter, each offering rich rewards of credits and privilege.
2 An exploration start-up has developed new methods of survival in space and is requesting volunteers to serve as test subjects onboard their research vessel. They promise competitive compensation and first access to the cutting-edge technology— should the test subjects survive, of course.
3 A vortex dragon has taken over an unsurveyed asteroid and announced that it will speak only with the strongest representatives of the region. Many have attempted to parlay with it, from prominent diplomats to renowned soldiers, but none have yet returned.
4 Years ago, a colony ship was attacked by pirates and left derelict in space. A family member of one of the pirates’ victims wants to reclaim a family heirloom they believe may still be aboard the wreckage.
5 Every 13 years, a mysterious collective hosts an open meeting on a comet that passes through the solar system. The most important conditions: no spaceships are allowed on the comet’s surface, and attendance must be in person.
6 The occupants of a lunar base report that their food supplies taste odd and have unappetizing odors. Records and scans indicate that the food is not expired or contaminated, but the complaints keep growing in number.
7 A coronal mass ejection has collided with a nearby space station and flooded it with excess energy. The victims of the blast have requested outside assistance, citing that their station’s automated defenses are acting erratically.
8 A notorious conspiracy theorist insists that the planet is directly in the path of a dangerous cosmic entity. Their warnings were largely ignored until recently, when a flock of shantaks landed on the planet and confirmed the coming danger.
9 A local scavenging crew is hired to do a survey job on a distant moon. When all but one of the team suddenly vanishes, the remaining crew member pleads for help to seal the temple they opened during the mission.
10 A private military organization is seeking contractors to bring a new orbital facility online—under the strict requirement that they must do everything possible to avoid detection by the populace on the world below.
11 A startup holovid studio wants to pilot a new zero-gravity sporting experience in deep space. The studio is hiring private security to ensure that the inaugural games go smoothly.
12 An artificial intelligence has designed its own upgraded housing and is seeking adventurers to install the final firmware into a remote lunar uplink facility from which it can control its new and enhanced form.
13 Two corporations recently laid claim to an already-occupied, starmetal-rich asteroid. Each has hired mercenaries to remove the rival claim, leaving the resident sapient creatures to call for outside assistance.
14 A huge burst of energy has sent a moon careening out of orbit at high velocity, leaving precious little time to rescue the lunar station’s inhabitants before the entire moon enters a nearby black hole’s event horizon. Locals also need to discover the cause before another moon is affected.
15 A signal has begun to broadcast from a nebula, purporting to originate from a ship reported missing centuries ago. The message requests immediate assistance in containing a dangerous outsider before it escapes and wreaks havoc.
16 A popular science program needs footage for an upcoming episode documenting a cosmic phenomenon and is paying handsomely for footage—and first contact with the mysterious lifeforms that accompany the event.
17 A patch of cosmic radiation seems to be moving through space with intent, irradiating lone starships and remote space stations with unknown purpose. A fringe scientist has claimed to have derived a pattern to the attacks and is asking for help in preventing the next calamity.
18 A ship of unknown origin and made of organic materials is discovered drifting across major shipping lanes. Attempts at communication go unanswered, but scans show signs of life inside.
19 A large portion of another plane floats in space, seemingly ripped from its home and deposited there. Early reports compare this to the planar chunks encountered in the Drift, but this is on the Material Plane.
20 A creature in a space suit, near death, is found floating in space with no memory of how they got there or who they are. Indecipherable words are scrawled across their suit—is it protection? Or a warning?