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Subterranean Rules And Reference

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 85
Several Starfinder rules are particularly important for subterranean adventures. Creatures that originate from subterranean biomes often rely on senses other than normal sight, such as blindsight or darkvision, and the rules for special abilities relevant to subterranean creatures can be found on pages 260–265 of the Core Rulebook. Adventurers from the surface world might not be adapted to an environment where natural light can be inconsistent at best. For these creatures, it’s important to understand the rules for light levels (Core Rulebook 261). Traversing the rocky terrain of a subterranean biome can be like navigating the hills and mountains of the surface world, and the rules for chasms and rock walls on page 397 of the Core Rulebook can be relevant as adventurers navigate the depths. Of course, the rules for falling on pages 400–401 of the Core Rulebook might come up frequently in a subterranean adventure.