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Starfinder #13: Fire Starters

Estimated Release Date: 2/27/2019
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Afflictions - Drugs [1]

Insight Dust

Aliens [7]

Ifrit (Planar Scion), Azer, Efreeti (Genie), Fire Whale, Fire Whale Starship (Starship), Imp (Devil), Rifti (Protean)

Equipment - Hybrid Items [8]

Allegiance Collar, Empathic Depiction (Bust), Telespectrum Circlet (Mk 1), Telespectrum Circlet (Mk 2), Telespectrum Circlet (Mk 3), Empathic Depiction (Portrait), Empathic Depiction (Statue), Telelocator

Equipment - Magic Items [3]

Dawnflower Melange, Flame Shield Gauntlet, Plasma Scabbard

Equipment - Technological Items [3]

Heatsink Cravat, Miniature Sun, Scorch Suture

Equipment - Weapons [15]

Blaze Scimitar (Acolyte), Blaze Scimitar (Cleric), Blaze Scimitar (Disciple), Blaze Scimitar (Divine), Ember Pistol (Glory-Sequence), Cinder Rifle (Glory-Sequence), Mercy Pistol (Illuminator), Mercy Pistol (Infrared), Ember Pistol (Salvation-Sequence), Cinder Rifle (Salvation-Sequence), Cinder Rifle (Truth-Sequence), Ember Pistol (Truth-Sequence), Mercy Pistol (Ultraviolet), Cinder Rifle (Valor-Sequence), Ember Pistol (Valor-Sequence)

Feats [3]

Psychic Insight, Psychic Sense, Telepathic Spy

Races [1]


Starship - Examples [1]

Aurora Yellow Dwarf ([AP] Dawn of Flame)

Systems [1]


Template Grafts [4]

Ice Elemental (Elemental), Ifrit (Planar Scion), Lightning Elemental (Elemental), Magma Elemental (Elemental)