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Source Starfinder #13: Fire Starters pg. 45
Level 10; Price 20,000; Bulk L


A telelocator is a hybrid scanner that you can hold in one hand and activate as a move action if you have limited telepathy or telepathy. Each round, you use a move action to combine your telepathic ability with the scanner. The scanner operates by using blindsense (thought) with a range equal to the range of your limited telepathy or telepathy, as well as sense through (thought) at half that range. Targets appear on the scanner showing their distance and direction from you. A telelocator works on an internal energy source that can power it for 10 minutes per day. Each use, no matter how short, consumes 1 minute of this time. However, a creature that has limited telepathy or telepathy can spend 1 Resolve Point to use personal psychic power to fully recharge the telelocator. The psychic link created by using a given telelocator prevents you from using a different one for 24 hours.