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Starfinder #21: Huskworld

Estimated Release Date: 10/16/2019
Product Line: Adventure Path Store Page:

Aliens [6]

Effigene (The Swarm), Escutchide (The Swarm), Songtwisted, Swarm Altipheron (Starship), Swarm Dredger (Troop) (The Swarm), Thermophilic Ooze

Equipment - Artifacts [1]

Vessel of Hylax

Equipment - Computer Modifications [6]

Rakmodoi Computers (Arms), Rakmodoi Computers (Mobility Unit, Claws), Rakmodoi Computers (Mobility Unit, Legs), Rakmodoi Computers (Mobility Unit, Tail), Rakmodoi Computers (Mystic Comm), Rakmodoi Computers (Skill)

Equipment - Hybrid Items [9]

Mindshield Circlet (Basic), Deoxy Pellet, Instant Ground, Lightning Gatherer, Mindshield Circlet (Mk 1), Mindshield Circlet (Mk 2), Mindshield Circlet (Mk 3), Mindshield Circlet (Mk 4), Static Glider

Equipment - Magic Items [6]

Stalkring (Digger), Serum of Hibernation (Diluted), Stalkring (Obsidian), Serum of Hibernation (Potent), Queen's Meal, Quorlu heat gem

Races [2]

Amrantah, Ramiyel

Settlements [1]


Starship - Examples [1]

SDF D-127 Defensive Carrier ([AP] Attack of the Swarm!)

Systems [11]

Amran, Dina III, Gluun and Rakmos, Grascha, Ilemchuuva, Quandali, Ramiya, Rtachuuva, Tarchuuva, Vathori, Vharrine

Template Grafts [3]

Songtwisted (Other), Troop (Creature Subtype), Varthorian (Other)

Universal Monster Rules [3]

Troop Attack, Troop Defenses, Troop Immunities