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Source Starfinder #21: Huskworld pg. 55
Any creature that remains near Vharrine for more than 90 days can become songtwisted. Creatures that have strong will or psychic defenses take longer to convert, but immunity to effects that warp the mind offers no benefit.
Alignment: Evil.
Traits: blindsense (life) 30 ft. if CR 10 or lower, and blindsight (life) 30 ft. if CR 11 or higher; DR/good and magic equal to CR; spider climb; bite (standard melee damage for CR; if Large or larger, add grab); spell-like abilities (mind thrust [level = 1 + CR/5] 1/day); Bluff as a master or good skill; backward limbs; song share.
Abilities: Backward Limbs (Su) A songtwisted is able to bend its body in unusual ways, gaining a +6 racial bonus to Acrobatics checks to escape. However, any time a songtwisted isn’t focusing on their movement, their limbs twist in unnatural arrangements on their own. Another creature can notice the effort required to keep the twisting in check with a successful Sense Motive check (DC = 10 + the songtwisted’s Bluff modifier).

Song Share (Su) A songtwisted can communicate to other songtwisted within 100 feet as if both have telepathy.