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Starfinder #25: The Chimera Mystery

Estimated Release Date: 2/26/2020
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Aliens [7]

Aanung-an, Aerial Devil, Barghest, Cargo Creep, Incapacitator (Robot), Oni, Spirit (Oni), Proog

Classes - Drone Mods [3]

Lifelike Appearance, Transformation Matrix, Unobtrusive Chassis

Classes - Expertise Talents [2]

Biometric Implants, Reasonable Excuse

Classes - Fighting Styles [2]

Pistol Dancer, Silent Slayer

Classes - Gear Boosts [2]

Close at Hand, Discreet Armor

Classes - Improvisations [3]

Exactly as I Would Have Done, Frustrating Target, Infuriating Target

Classes - Magic Hacks [5]

All-Access Enchantment, Arcane Spyware, Arcane Virus, Private Hologram, Subtle Spells

Classes - Mechanic Tricks [4]

Attentive Tampering, Concealed Device, Implant Ghost, Implant Glitch

Feats [4]

Diligent Searcher, Intuit Relationships, Memorable Coercer, Sense Assumptions

Rules [15]

A Mystery’s Three Pillars, Establish Relationships, Give Confessions, Means, Motive, Mystery Adventures, Opportunity, Playing Mysteries, Provide Clues, Running Mysteries, Search Everywhere, Stay Flexible, Track Information, Trust No One, Use Abilities

Spells [7]

Alter Corpse, Build Trust, Glimpse Of Truth, Hack Wetware, Memory Lapse, Meticulous Match, Prowling Junkbot

Starship - Examples [1]

Sanjaval Palanquin ([AP] The Threefold Conspiracy)

Systems [1]


Template Grafts [1]

Aanung-an (Creature Subtype)