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Starfinder #49: A Light in the Dark

Estimated Release Date: 11/16/2022
Product Line: Adventure Path Store Page:

Aliens [7]

Alkainan, Anacite Quantifier, Driftspun, Kathum, Planar Scion, Prismeni, Ravenous Skull, Ravenous Skull Swarm (Ravenous Skull)

Creature Companions [3]

Drift Wysp, Glimmirin, Primordrek

Equipment - Armor [3]

Devwear (I), Camping Gear (I), Troupesuit (I)

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [2]

Environmental Field, Graviton Emitter

Equipment - Cybernetics [10]

Weapon Learning Subroutine (Advanced), Weapon Learning Subroutine (Basic), Bronchial Valves, Cerebral backup, Charge Palm, Nanite Tempograft (Mk 1), Nanite Tempograft (Mk 2), Nanite Tempograft (Mk 3), Soft-Light Holoframe, Starship Neural Link

Equipment - Weapons [14]

Spectra Blade (Aspecna), Vibrowave Generator (Assault), Dusk Rifle (Aurora), Vibrowave Generator (Heavy), Code Grenade (I), Code Grenade (II), Code Grenade (III), Spectra Blade (Iridia), Vibrowave Generator (Light), Spectra Blade (Sondria), Dusk Rifle (Static), Dusk Rifle (Storm), Dusk Rifle (Tempest), Spectra Blade (Wyspiria)

Feats [10]

Adjustable Frame, Descent Tumbler, Greater Adjustable Frame, Heavy Upgrade Slot, High-Speed Injection, Repgrogram Psyche, Resilient Nature, Subsonic Hum, Toxin-Proof Skin, Visual Filter

Races [2]

Alkainan, Prismeni

Spells [5]

Tripartite Beam (Greater), Luminous Tag, Plasma Field, Trifold Explosion, Tripartite Beam

Systems [1]

Eight Courts

Template Grafts [1]

Prismeni (Creature Subtype)