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Auto-fire - Level 10

Source Redshift Rally pg. 61
Price 18,250

Auto-fire is a miniaturized computer and tracking system that syncs with a single weapon mount on the vehicle, which must be fitted with a ranged weapon. Syncing auto-fire onto a weapon mount requires 1 minute of work and careful calibrations. Once auto-fire is synced, you can lock onto an enemy within the synced weapon’s range as a standard action. Once per round until deactivated, at the beginning of the vehicle pilot’s turn, the weapon in the synced weapon mount automatically shoots at the target. Auto-fire has an attack modifier equal to the vehicle’s item level. If the synced weapon is ever out of ammunition or charges, or auto-fire is ever out of charges, auto-fire immediately deactivates. You must have a weapon mount with a ranged weapon installed for auto-fire to function.