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Spell Thief (Su)

SFS Note: Change the penultimate sentence of the third paragraph of the Spell Thief Operative Alternate Class Feature to the following: “You can choose a specific spell to affect; otherwise, the GM determines it randomly from among the beneficial spells affecting the target.”
Source Galactic Magic pg. 28
Class Operative

You steal magic from your opponents to empower yourself. The maximum spell level of spells, spell-like abilities, and spell slots you can affect with this class feature equals 1 + one-third your operative level (to a maximum of 6th-level spells at 15th level).
Your trick attack deals 1d3 additional damage at 1st level. This increases to 1d6 at 3rd level, 3d6 at 5th level, and by an additional 1d6 every 2 levels thereafter. Whenever you successfully use your trick attack to reduce a spell’s duration or to steal spell energy from a target, the stolen energy empowers your next successful trick attack made in the next minute, increasing the die size of the trick attack’s additional damage by two steps (to 1d6 at 1st level and to d10s at 3rd level and above).
When you hit a target with your trick attack, you gain momentary awareness of whether the target is affected by at least one spell and whether they can cast spells (including spell-like abilities). When dealing your trick attack damage to a creature, you can drain some of the target’s magic, halving the duration of one spell currently affecting the target. You can choose a specific spell to affect; otherwise, the can determine it randomly from among the beneficial spells affecting the target. You can reduce a given spell’s duration only once, and the target can negate the reduction with a successful Will save.
At 4th level, you can attempt to drain your target’s spellcasting potential when you hit a target with your trick attack instead of reducing the duration of one of the target’s spells. The target loses one spell slot of the highest spell level they can cast or a spell slot equal to one-third your operative level (whichever is lower), as if they had expended the slot. If the target has spell-like abilities, you can instead cause the creature to lose one daily use of their highest-level spell-like ability (maximum spell level equal to one-third your operative level). The target can negate this effect with a successful Will save.
At 8th level, when you reduce a spell’s duration with your trick attack, you also can spend 1 Resolve Point as a reaction to apply that spell’s effect to yourself. This effect lasts for the spell’s remaining duration or for a number of rounds equal to your Dexterity modifier, whichever is shorter. If you steal a second spell in this way, the first stolen spell’s effects end immediately.
At 17th level, when you apply a stolen spell’s effect to yourself, the effect lasts for a number of minutes equal to your Dexterity modifier or for the spell’s remaining duration, whichever is shorter. You can steal up to two spell effects at a time in this way; if you would steal a third effect, choose one of your current stolen spell effects to end immediately.
This alters trick attack and triple attack. It replaces debilitating trick, quad attack, and double debilitation.