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Heavyweight Skirmisher

Source Interstellar Species pg. 28
Class Operative

You dance across battlefields with power and precision. Your operative key ability score becomes Strength. Operative abilities and saving throw DCs calculated using your Dexterity ability score modifier are instead calculated using your Strength ability score modifier. You don’t gain proficiency with sniper weapons, but you do gain proficiency with advanced melee weapons.
You can perform trick attacks with a wider array of weapons, referred to here as “skirmisher weapons.” A skirmisher weapon is any weapon you’re wielding and proficient with that doesn’t target multiple creatures, have the unwieldy property, or require a full action to make a single attack. If you succeed at the trick attack skill check, you can reroll one of the attack’s damage dice and use the higher result. At 7th, 11th, 15th, 17th, and 19th levels, you can reroll one additional damage die (maximum 6 dice) and use the higher result for each. You don’t deal additional trick attack damage until 5th level, but you can apply that additional damage to attacks with skirmisher weapons. At 5th level, your additional trick attack damage is 1d6. This increases to 2d6 at 9th level, 2d8 at 13th level, and 2d10 at 17th level. For any operative abilities that require you use an operative weapon, you can also use those abilities with melee skirmisher weapons.
You can gain the Heavy Armor Proficiency feat in place of learning an operative exploit. At 3rd level, you reduce the speed adjustment of any armor you wear by 5 feet (minimum no speed adjustment) and reduce the armor check penalty of any armor you wear by 1 (to a minimum of 0). At 9th level, your land speed increases by 5 feet, and you increase the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by your armor by 1. At 15th level, you reduce the speed adjustment of any armor you wear by 10 feet total and gain DR 5/— against attacks of opportunity.
At 8th level, if you make a full attack entirely with skirmisher weapons and hit a creature twice, you also apply the effect of your debilitating trick class feature (or any additional option you can use in place of debilitating trick) as though you had hit the creature with your trick attack. At 13th level, when you make a full attack entirely with skirmisher weapons, you take a –3 penalty to each attack roll instead of the normal –4 penalty.
This modifies the operative’s key ability score, weapon proficiencies, and trick attack, and it replaces evasion, quick movement, triple attack, and quad attack.