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Source Character Operations Manual pg. 55
You embody energy states that are preserved in ongoing motion, isolated from entropy

Aspect Insight (Ex): You gain Improved Combat Maneuver (bull rush) as a bonus feat and a +2 insight bonus to Culture checks.

Aspect Embodiment (Ex): Once per combat, when you move a distance greater than your normal speed in one turn (using multiple move actions, the run full action, or a bonus to speed that allows you to move beyond your normal maximum), you can gain 1 Entropy Point without taking any additional action.

Aspect Catalyst (Su): Creatures you select in a 60-foot radius are pushed away from you. A targeted creature moves 30 feet directly away from you but can attempt a Fortitude saving throw to halve the distance.

Improved: Targeted creatures that fail their Fortitude saves are also knocked prone and take 1d6 bludgeoning damage per 2 vanguard levels you have.

Aspect Finale (Sp): You can cast telekinetic projectile at will as a spell-like ability. Rather than dealing the spell’s normal damage, both the target and the projectile take damage as if you hit them with your entropic strike. Additionally, you can spend 2 Entropy Points to cast telekinesis as a spell-like ability, but only using its combat maneuver option.