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Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 380
Classes Technomancer 5
School transmutation
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Targets see text
Duration concentration (up to 1 round/level) or instantaneous; see text
Saving Throw none, Will negates (object), see text; Spell Resistance yes (object), see text


You move objects or creatures by concentrating on them. Depending on your desired effect (choose one from below), the spell can perform a variety of combat maneuvers, provide a gentle, sustained force, or exert a single short, violent thrust.

Combat Maneuver: Once per round, you can use telekinesis to perform a ranged attack that acts as a bull rush, disarm, grapple (including pin), or trip combat maneuver. Resolve these attempts as normal, but use your caster level plus your key ability score modifier as your attack bonus. No saving throw is allowed against these attempts, but spell resistance applies normally. This version of the spell can last 1 round per caster level, but it ends if you cease concentrating.

Sustained Force: A sustained force moves an object of no more than 25 pounds or 2 bulk per caster level up to 20 feet per round in any direction (including up or down). A creature can negate the effect on an object it holds with a successful Will save or with spell resistance. This version of the spell lasts 1 round per caster level, but it ends if you cease concentrating. The spell ends if the object is forced beyond the spell’s range.

You can telekinetically manipulate an object as if with one hand. For example, a lever can be pulled, a key turned, a button pushed, an object rotated, and so on if the force required is within the weight limitation. You might even be able to untie simple knots, though a delicate activity such as this requires a successful DC 15 Intelligence check.

Violent Thrust: The spell energy can be spent in a single round. You can hurl up to 15 objects or creatures that are within range (no two of which can be more than 10 feet apart) toward any target within 150 feet of all the objects. You can hurl up to a total weight of 400 pounds or 40 bulk. You must make attack rolls (one per creature or object thrown) to hit the target with the items, using your base attack bonus plus your key ability score modifier as your attack bonus. All objects cause damage ranging from 1 damage per 25 pounds or 2 bulk (for less dangerous objects) to 1d10 damage per 25 pounds or 2 bulk (for extremely dangerous objects, such as weapons or bladed or spiked objects). Objects and creatures that miss the target land in a square adjacent to the target. Creatures that fall within the weight capacity of the spell can be hurled, but they can attempt Will saving throws (or rely on spell resistance) to negate the effect, as can those whose held possessions are targeted by the spell. If a thrown creature is hurled against a solid surface, it takes 1d6 damage as if it had fallen 10 feet.