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Source Starfinder #10: The Diaspora Strain pg. 41
Corruption is an insidious affliction of the soul. A number of different corruptions exist, from the mind-rending horror of ghostly possession to the monstrous physical transformation of lycanthropy. However, all corruptions function in a similar way. When a character first contracts a corruption, it shows itself in minor symptoms—brief bouts of melancholy or a mild fixation on unusual stimuli or a particular environment. The corruption eats away at the victim’s mind and spirit with the promise of dark gifts that come with frightful drawbacks. Fighting these temptations is draining on a victim, and some spend their entire lives on the verge of giving in. Others believe they can control their corruption, and allow the corruption to progress in order to gain the power it grants. Such beings eventually become completely defiled as corruption takes a permanent hold over them.

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Shadow Corruption

Source Starfinder #10: The Diaspora Strain pg. 42
Those who spend extended time on the Shadow Plane, are repeatedly exposed to shadow magic, or fall under the sway of creatures such as velstracs, certain undead, or shadowy fey, risk contracting shadow corruption. Shadow corruption is an affliction with the following parameters.

Shadow Corruption

Type mental corruption; Save Will DC = 10 + half the victim’s level + the number of manifestations the victim has; on a failure, a victim can spend a number of Resolve Points equal to 1 + the number of manifestations the victim has to succeed instead
Frequency 1/day
Cure Destroy the creature, object, or effect that caused the corruption, or the victim can purify themselves by spending 1 month spreading joy, experiencing joy, and living in the light of a habitable world’s sunlight. At the end of each month spent this way, the victim can refuse a previously accepted gift, allowing break enchantment or remove affliction to remove the related manifestation. Using a gift from any corruption while undergoing purification means the victim has to start that month over.

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