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Alien Herbalism

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 71
By gathering natural ingredients, you can create life-saving medicines.

Prerequisites: Life Science 5 ranks, Survival 5 ranks.

Benefit: Once per day, you can take 10 minutes and spend 1 Resolve Point to gather local flora and fauna, processing them to create a short-lived medicinal (Core Rulebook 231). The GM has discretion over whether enough such plants and animals are nearby to allow you to use this ability, though most wilderness settings not specifically described as barren typically have sufficient organisms to create such medicinals. Your creation is a tier 1 medicinal of any type you can create with Life Science, and it retains its potency for a number of minutes equal to 10 × your ranks in Survival.
For every 5 ranks in both Life Science and Survival you have beyond 5, you can either increase the tier of one medicinal you create with this feat (to a maximum of 4), or you can create one additional tier 1 medicinal or the same type. For example, with 15 ranks each in Life Science and Survival, you could create a tier 3 medicinal, a tier 2 and tier 1 medicinal, or three tier 1 medicinals.