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Teamwork Feats

Groups that work together as a team should consider the following feats, as many provide better benefits if multiple characters have the same feat.

*combat feat
Above and Below*Base attack bonus +6When you pair up with a differently sized ally, your foes have little chance to dodge your attacks.
Back to Back*Perception 3 ranksYou aren’t as easy to hit when surrounded.
Last-chance GrabAthletics 3 ranksYou can arrest your fall when climbing.
Stand Strong*Stand StillWhen you plant yourself in place, you’re difficult to move past.
Tandem Feint*Base attack bonus +6, Improved FeintYou can work with an ally to place your foes off-balance.
Tandem Maneuver*Base attack bonus +6, Improved Combat Maneuver (any)You can work in concert with an ally to perform maneuvers in combat.
Target of Opportunity*Base attack bonus +6You take advantage of a foe’s slipup.
Timely CoordinationYou can time your teamwork precisely.
Unbreakable Will*Telepathy or limited telepathy racial traitYour telepathy grants you an unparalleled strength of mind.