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Greater Adjustable Frame

Source Starfinder #49: A Light in the Dark pg. 54
You can increase your size by bolting on random pieces of junk to your body.

Prerequisites: Con 14; Adjustable Frame; character level 10th; constructed species trait, construct type, or cybernetic augmentations installed in all arms and legs.

Benefit: In a process that takes 10 minutes, you can attach at least 2 bulk of inert, nonworking electronic equipment (such as a large broken computer system, unconnected computer or robot parts, or a destroyed robot or other such trashed mechanical system) to your body to increase your size by one step (Small to Medium, for example); this affects your space and your natural reach as detailed in the Core Rulebook. These adjustments are fragile, and after 1 hour, they break and fall of , reverting you to your original size; you can also spend an additional 10 minutes to remove them on your own. This time doesn’t count as resting to restore Stamina Points. Once removed, the equipment can’t be used for this feat’s benef t a second time, and you must secure more materials. You can use this feat’s benefit only once per day.