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Masterful Imitation

Source Interstellar Species pg. 51
Your mastery of disguises allows you to pass for creatures wildly different from your own species.

Prerequisites: Change form species trait or Disguise 7 ranks.

Benefit: Choose a creature type other than your own (such as undead if you’re a humanoid). You can disguise your species and creature type without increasing the DC of your Disguise check, provided that your assumed form’s creature type is either your own or the type you selected with this feat. Any other limitations to your assumed form still apply: for example, you can’t change your apparent creature type with disguise self, and an astrazoan must change into a Medium creature with their change form species trait.

Normal: The DC for Disguise checks is adjusted by +2 to +5 if you alter major features, by +2 to +8 if you disguise yourself as a different species of the same creature type, and by +10 if you disguise yourself as a different creature type.

Special: An astrazoan can use this feat to assume forms of the chosen creature type in addition to taking aberration and humanoid forms when using the change form species trait. You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to another creature type you choose.