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Midair Detonation (Combat)

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 109
By shooting a thrown grenade out of mid-air, you detonate it before your enemies are ready for the blast.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +10, Multi-Weapon Fighting

Benefit: As a full round action, you throw a held grenade and attempt to shoot it out of the air. Make two attack rolls: one thrown attack roll to determine the grid intersection where the grenade detonates and one ranged attack roll with a ranged weapon in hand against an AC of 25. If both attacks hit, enemies in the blast area with an EAC lower than the ranged attack take full effect from the grenade as if they had failed the saving throw; otherwise they are treated as if they had succeeded at the saving throw. If the ranged attack misses the grenade, treat the grenade as though it missed.