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Morphing Feint (Combat)

Source Interstellar Species pg. 51
Your sudden change of appearance creates an opening for an attack

Prerequisites: Bluff 1 rank, Disguise 1 rank

Benefit: Whenever you use an item, spell, or ability that allows you to disguise yourself as a standard action (such as disguise self, holoskin, the change form species trait, or the quick disguise operative exploit), you can feint as part of the action. When you do so, you attempt a Disguise check in place of a Bluff check to determine the results of your feint; this doesn’t include any additional bonuses the disguise ability grants, such as the +10 bonus to Disguise checks when casting disguise self.
Once a creature observes you using Morphing Feint (whether or not your feint is successful), that creature is immune to further uses of your Morphing Feint for 1 hour unless you also spend 1 Resolve Point when using Morphing Feint against it.

Special: If you also have the Improved Feint and Flashmorph feats, you can combine the effects of Morphing Feint with any effect that allows you to disguise yourself as part of a move or full action (such as from the Flashmorph feat). If you do so while performing a trick attack, you attempt a Disguise check with a +4 bonus to resolve the trick attack instead of using any other skill. If you have these two feats as well as the clever feint or clever attack envoy improvisations, once per minute when you use either improvisation, you can also disguise yourself as part of that action with an item, spell, or ability you could use as a standard action.