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Operatic Shatter

Source Interstellar Species pg. 99
Through observation and experimentation, you can determine the exact pitch to shatter glass with your voice—and sturdier objects with your spells and weapons.

Prerequisites: Perception 6 ranks

Benefit: You can spend a full action to sing at and examine an unattended object or structure within 120 feet of you, such as a piece of armor or steel wall. For the next hour or until you use this feat to assess another object, you reduce the target’s hardness against sonic damage you deal by an amount equal to your level. If you have another ability or weapon special property that would also reduce the target’s hardness, you either reduce the hardness by an amount equal to your level, or you reduce the hardness by an amount equal to half your level plus any hardness reduction provided by the other source, whichever is higher.
As a standard action, you can sing or use an instrument to play a powerful note that damages an object or structure you’ve assessed with this feat. This note deals sonic damage equal to your level and has a range of 30 feet. Once you’ve sounded this destructive note, you can’t do so again until you rest for 10 minutes to recover Stamina Points.