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Pilot’s Bravado

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 110
Your skills as a pilot make you confident and persuasive to others.

Prerequisites: Dex 13

Benefit: Once per day when you roll a Piloting check during combat or a stressful situation (at the GM’s discretion), you can record the result of the d20 roll (without any modifiers). Until the next day, when you would roll a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check, you can use the recorded result instead of rolling a random result. The result functions in every way like a normally rolled die; a result of 1 functions as a natural 1, and a result of 20 functions as a natural 20. You can’t use this result for a die that has already been rolled or rerolled, and you can’t reroll a recorded result. Once per day, you can replace your recorded result with the result of a different Piloting roll. Once you use a result, it is lost and can’t be used again.