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Reliable Connections

SFS Note: The Reliable Connections feat can only be used once per scenario, and discounts provided by this feat do not stack with other discounts.
Source Drift Crisis pg. 85
You can call in favors owed by various connections to get you the equipment you need in a pinch.

Prerequisites: Character level 5th.

Benefit: While in a large settlement in which equipment is available, you can attempt to call in a favor from one of your more reliable connections. Once per week, you can spend 10 minutes to attempt a Diplomacy check to request that your contact send you a single piece of equipment with an item level no greater than your level; the DC of this check is 10 + 1-1/2 × the item’s level. On a success, the item arrives in approximately one hour by drone, courier, or other means. You must spend the appropriate credits to receive the item. The price of the item is reduced by a percentage equal to the amount by which your Diplomacy check exceeds the DC, up to a maximum of 10%. For example, a result of 24 on a DC of 19 would result in a 5% discount.