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Scoundrel’s Finesse

Source Starfinder #35: Merchants of the Void pg. 54
You’re adept at using a variety of weapons with panache.

Benefit: You treat unarmed strikes and one-handed basic and advanced melee weapons that are whiplike (such as a taclash or neural lash) or glove-like (such as a battleglove or shell knuckles) as though they had the operative quality; the GM has final say on whether a weapon fits this description. In addition, if you have the trick attack or stunt and strike class feature, you can use those class features with such weapons. You don’t add trick attack damage to your attack, but the target is still flat-footed, and you can use debilitating tricks. When you attack using this feat’s benefit, you never add more than your level to damage as a result of Weapon Specialization, even if you would do so as a result of another ability.