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Silt Shield

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 71
You’re an expert at adopting emergency camouflage.

Prerequisites: Stealth 1 rank, Survival 1 rank.

Benefit: As a full action, you can use a free hand to slather nearby moss, mud, or other easily smeared natural materials over your body; if you have at least two free hands, you can instead do so as a move action. While coated, you increase the percent miss chance of concealment provided by similar natural materials by 5% (or by 10% if you have at least 10 ranks in Stealth). In addition, each time a creature with blindsense (scent) would detect you with that sense, they have a 50% chance of failing to detect you with that sense. Each time a creature with blindsight (scent) would detect you with that sense, they have a 50% chance of gaining only the benefits of blindsense (scent).
The coating lasts for a number of minutes equal to 10 × your ranks in Survival, until you are critically hit by an attack, or until you are thoroughly doused by clean water or similar liquid, after which the coating is compromised enough to provide no benefit. You can benefit from only one application of this ability at a time.