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Spirit Walk

Source Starfinder #44: Allies Against the Eye pg. 52
You can temporarily free your spirit from your physical body.

Prerequisites: Third Eye

Benefit: As a move action, you can project your spirit into the Ethereal Plane, leaving your physical body behind. Your spirit appears in a square adjacent to your body but is invisible, insubstantial, and capable of moving in any direction, as the spell ethereal jaunt (Core Rulebook 354). You can take a swift action to instantly return to your body and end this effect. You can use this feat for 1 round per day per character level. These rounds need not be consecutive.
You retain all your class features and other abilities as a spirit but none of your equipment or gear other than augmentations, which your spirit retains. While your spirit is on the Ethereal Plane, your body is unconscious. Any damage or conditions inflicted upon your spirit are duplicated on your physical body, and vice versa; if you’re reduced to 0 Hit Points, your spirit instantly returns to your body—which is also at 0 Hit Points—and this effect ends.