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Symptom Management

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 112
You can treat a disease and the symptoms well enough to keep your patient on their feet a little longer than usual.

Prerequisites: Medicine 5 ranks

Benefit: When you successfully use the treat disease action you can treat the symptoms caused by that disease temporarily. The target acts as though they were one step better on the disease track for one hour. This only suppresses the conditions caused by the disease and does not change the target’s place on the disease track, nor does it prevent them from becoming worse due to failed saves. Increase the duration of this effect by one hour for every 5 by which your Medicine check exceeds the DC of the disease. This ability has no effect on a creature who is in the bedridden, comatose, or worse stage. If a creature enters a stage of any disease that would cause them to die, this ability does not prevent that.