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Skill Focus Feats

A skill focus feat counts as Skill Focus with the listed skill for the purpose of prerequisites and abilities that benefit from Skill Focus, such as the envoy's 9th-level expertise benefit. Whenever a class feature such as operative specialization would grant you Skill Focus with a specific skill, you may instead select a focus feat of the listed skill whose prerequisites you meet in its place.

Nethys Note: These feats interact with the Charter system

*combat feat
Bolstering Bravado (Intimidate Focus)You project unflappable confidence and know just how to motivate people.
Media Mogul (Profession Focus)Member of a charter that has completed the broadcast studio projectYou know how to make the airwaves—such as they are in space—work for you.
More Than Flesh (Life Science Focus)Member of a charter that has completed the augmentation clinic projectYou believe your body is a temple, albeit one that undergoes frequent renovation.
Registered Dietitian (Medicine Focus)Member of a charter that has completed the hospital projectYou understand how to best feed your people with the resources at hand.
Soothing Orator (Diplomacy Focus)You are highly adept at calming unrest via public speaking, meeting with constituents, and other such activities.
Warpweaver (Perception Focus)Major Stage Magic or ability to cast 3rd-level witchwarper spells; member of a charter that has completed the oracle projectWhy stop at divining the future when you can define it?