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Advanced Aspis Badge

Source Starfinder #41: Serpents in the Cradle pg. 44
Level 8; Price 8,500; Bulk


This badge, typically made of a metal such as bronze or gold to signify the wearer’s rank, prominently features the Aspis Consortium’s insignia. These devices are especially sophisticated versions of the conventional Aspis badge, designed to help an agent remain hidden, receive updates, and make speedy escapes. The badge constantly shields itself from detection as if protected by nondetection (CL 8th). Once per day as a standard action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to gain the nondetection effect targeting yourself for 1 hour; if your level is higher than 8, you can use your level in place of the badge’s caster level for this effect. Once per month as a full action, you can send a message that doesn’t exceed 10 words as if using an unlimited comm unit, though the message can be sent only to a recipient associated with the Aspis Consortium.
As a standard action, you can activate one of two self-destruct protocols for the badge. The quiet protocol causes the badge to disintegrate, which dissolves it into nondescript dust by the start of your next turn. The explosive protocol causes the badge to explode a few seconds later, causing it to function as a mk 3 incendiary grenade that you throw as part of the action used to activate the badge.