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Technological Items

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 218
Technology is everywhere in Starfinder, and includes any number of devices useful to adventurers, such as those presented on Table 7–26: Technological Items. Unless otherwise indicated, activating or deactivating an item is a standard action. Items that can be activated to modify an action you’re taking last for the duration of that action (such as those that modify skill checks), in which case activating the item is part of that action.

Unless otherwise specified, technological items use a battery and are subject to special abilities that work against items using batteries, charges, or technology. If an item doesn’t specify a usage, it needs very little power and has an internal battery designed to function for decades or even centuries without recharging. Items with a specified usage use a battery that comes fully charged when purchased. Such batteries can be recharged as normal using generators or recharging stations (see Professional Services on page 234), or they can be replaced (see Table 7–9: Ammunition for battery prices).
  • Name: An item’s name is its colloquial title, a particular brand name, or its scientific name.
  • Model: Some items come in multiple versions, each with varying effectiveness. These items list multiple models, with a price and level entry for each.
  • Price: This is the price in credits to purchase or craft the item. The prices listed for each item represent common, mass-produced versions of each item. Brand-name items typically cost twice as much, while more luxurious versions can cost three times as much or more.
  • Level: The level of the item is the minimum level you have to be to craft the item, as well as a rough approximation of the item’s effectiveness compared to your character level.
  • Hands: If an item is handheld, this entry indicates how many hands you must have free to utilize the item properly and gain its benefits. Most items can be carried in one hand while you’re not using them unless they’re especially unwieldy or heavy, as decided by the GM.
  • Bulk: The item’s bulk (see page 167) appears here.
  • Capacity: This lists the maximum capacity for an item that requires charges to function. An item that holds electrical charges can be replenished with a battery (see page 190).
  • Usage: This entry lists how many charges are consumed when the item is used. This might be per activation, or it might cover a certain duration. If an item uses a certain amount of charges over an interval, it uses charges for the full interval even if the item is shut off before that amount of time has passed. For instance, an item that uses charges at a rate of 2 per minute would still use 2 charges if activated for only 30 seconds.
Of course, there’s a vast array of technological devices available in most settlements—well beyond the number that could possibly be presented in any real-world book. In general, any minor piece of equipment with a real-world equivalent (alarm clock, camera, digital keys for vehicles you own, timer, watch, and so on) can be purchased with GM approval, costs 5 credits and has light bulk.
Cable Line, Adamantine AlloyCable Lines1500/10 ft.L/20 ft.
Cable Line, Titanium AlloyCable Lines15/10 ft.L/10 ft.
Comm Unit, PersonalComm Units171L801/hour
Comm Unit, System-WideComm Units64,00020
Comm Unit, UnlimitedComm Units1232,00040
Lock, SimpleLocks11002L
Lock, AverageLocks31,0002L
Lock, GoodLocks63,6002L
Lock, SuperiorLocks1460,0002L
MedpatchMedical Gear1501L11
Medkit, BasicMedical Gear110021
SprayfleshMedical Gear54401L11
Medkit, AdvancedMedical Gear52,70021
Medical LabMedical Gear77,000250
Crawling CordOrganic1100L
Message SlimeOrganic150
Buoyant HarnessOrganic2500L202/hour
Wrist LeechOrganic2125
Electrosensory DrumOrganic88400L201/hour
Personal Comm ModuleOtherVariesLevel squared x 100see text
Signal JammerOtherVariesLevel squared x 100L121/10 minute
Breakaway AegisOther1200
Camouflage MembraneOther1100L201/day
Emergency BeaconOther1100L20Varies
Enviro MaskOther175L
Fire ExtinguisherOther1151L201/round
Formation BootsOther1100L
Geckopad GlovesOther13251
Habitat BoxOther13754201/day
Holographic SashimonoOther1300L201/hour
Holographic Strike SignOther12751
Laser DrillOther12001L201/minute
Medical InhalerOther1101
Radiation BadgeOther1100LSee text
Scorch SutureOther1200202
Scuba GearOther1251
Voice DistorterOther155L
Emergency Raft, BasicOther13503201/use
Environmental Field Collar, Huge or largerOther13003101/day
Environmental Field Collar, LargeOther1751101/day
Environmental Field Collar, MediumOther125L101/day
Environmental Field Collar, Small or smallerOther110101/day
Gnomish Duffel, Mk 1Other1751
Grenade Scrambler, Mk 1Other12501205/round
Headphones, BasicOther15
Headphones, WirelessOther140
Hoverchairs, BasicOther13508201/hour
Imaginarium Projector, BasicOther1150201/hour
Micro Tap, Mk 1Other1200
Musical Instrument, BasicOther1100Varies201/10 minutes
Nanite Patch, Mk 1Other150L
Portable Speaker, PocketOther120201/hour
Portable Speaker, ShoulderOther11501L401/hour
Proximity Switch, Mk 1Other180
Scanner, Video CameraOther12751L202/hour
Shock Stick, Mk 1Other1751
Strategy Game, BasicOther1150VariesVaries
Tactical Seismic Coupler, Mk 1Other14001L202/round
Tent, PortaledgeOther175
Tool Kit, Akinzi ResourcesOther12002L
Tool Kit, Starfinder ArmoryOther1200L
Tool KitOther120L
Tool Kit, Xhinti HoldingsOther1200L
Vidgame, AdvancedOther1100
Vidgame, BasicOther110
Altitude BeadOther21001
Charlatan’s WandOther25001L20varies
Crash PadOther2150
Diagnostic LozengeOther2175201/hour
Evenfire UnitOther2550L202/hour
Fashion Infosite SubscriptionOther2450
Heatsink CravatOther2300201/round
HoloskinOther2500L201/10 minute
Pulse RayOther26001L202/use
Radiation SweeperOther250011201/minute
Seeker SlimeOther2100
Smart ScarfOther2740L202/use
Snapshot SphereOther28251L205
Survival StrawOther2450120See text
Tactical PumpsOther28401201/minute
Tetrad Certified TranslatorOther2500L101/hour
Valai BandOther21100L151/8 hours
Xenobiologist’s Field KitOther2450L
Emotion Regulator, BasicOther2800L201/10 minutes
Gnomish Anytool, Mk 1Other24801
Gnomish Duffel, Mk 2Other22501
Headphones, Noise-CancelingOther2420
Hoverchairs, AthleticOther28504201/hour
Nanite Hypopen, BrownOther21601L
Scanner, Shotgun MicrophoneOther26251L201/hour
Swarmproof Bangles, BasicOther2900201/minute
Tool Kit, Engineering SpecialtyOther2445L
Vidgame, Basic VROther25001L
Alert RedirectorOther31,450201/hour
All-Purpose AccessoryOther31500L201/reconfiguration
Beacon BuoysOther312501101/day
Data CoreOther31,200L
Dermal StaplerOther31,2001L201/use
Engineer's Puzzle BoxOther31,50021201/hour
Gun EmplacementOther31,3503201/hour
Hardlight NettingOther3127522202/hour
Ion TapeOther3275L
Junk DroneOther312001201/minute
Miniature SunOther31,20011201/hour
Multiverse MirrorOther31,30010
Portable GrinderOther31,5002201/use
Portable TreadmillOther314004601/minute
Programmer’s PlushieOther31100L201/day
Telepathy TapOther31250L201/minute
White-Noise GeneratorOther31,3501201/10 minutes
Domestic Drone, CarousingOther320002401/hour
Endearing Ears, Mk 1Other31500L201/minute
Gnomish Duffel, Mk 3Other38501
Gray Comm Unit, PlanetaryOther31,5001
Micro Tap, Mk 2Other3400
Scanner, Enhanced CameraOther31,3751L201/hour
Shock Stick, Mk 2Other32501
Tactical Seismic Coupler, Mk 2Other315001L202/round
Albitta's Paint SprayerOther420001L101/use
Cartographer BootsOther42100L404/hour
Dusk ShadesOther42100
Echo GlovesOther42000L2010
Inertial-Reinforcement BeltOther42,200L20Varies
Jammer ChargeOther43751
Paint RemoverOther420001L101/use
Proximity HelmetOther42,050L202/hour
Purifying PuckOther42,0001L401/round
Replenigel MegavitaminOther4300L
Solar SheetingOther42,0002
Autograppler, BasicOther42000L401/minute
Domestic Drone, BasicOther42,000Varies201/hour
Grenade Scrambler, Mk 2Other42,1001405/round
Smart Lock, AverageOther418502L
Warning Wire, Mk 1Other42,000L401/hour
Clearsight GogglesOther52,750
Combat ControllerOther531002L201/hour
Composter SlimeOther520001
Emergency SurfacerOther527501
Laser DesignatorOther5320011201/round
Ooze Stasis FlaskOther52,8001201/day
Planar SpacesuitOther527501
Portable GangwayOther52,7004401/use
RelaxuOther52750L201/10 minutes
Shortwave ReceiverOther53000
Sleeping SentryOther52,75015201/hour
Sonar HelmetOther530001401/hour
Thief DroneOther53,0004
Whisper CommOther53,000201/hour
Cavatina's SqueezeboxOther5280021201/round
Domectic Drone, Thief DroneOther530004
Metaphysical Detector, Mk IOther529501L
Micro Tap, Mk 3Other5750
Nanite Hypopen, PurpleOther54501L
Nanite Patch, Mk 2Other5425L
Nano Gadget Loadout, WristbandOther53100
Phrenic Scrambler, ClearOther53,000405/round
Proximity Switch, Mk 2Other52250
Scanner, Laser MicrophoneOther52,7252L101/minute
Slick Module, OilOther53000
Strategy Game, Imperial ConquestOther52,8502201/hour
Analeptic TabletOther6600
Electroviscous CloakOther64,000L401/round
Empathy EngineOther63750L202/hour
Noise DampenerOther64300401/minute
Plasma DiverterOther64,3001
Shock-absorbing padsOther64000L201/use
Smart CableOther64,000/10 ft.L
Spy DroneOther64,550L201/minute
Stickyfinger GlovesOther64100L202/10 minutes
Subdermal ExtractorOther63,85011201/use
Tracking BugOther64,250L201/hour
Endearing Ears, Mk 2Other64500L202/minute
Hoverchairs, EliteOther643006802/hour
Meltdown Battery, Mk 1Other6700
Mimic Imager, Helmet-MountedOther64,150L404/round
Musical Instrument, EuphonicOther64,500Varies801/10 minutes
Nanite Hypopen, BlackOther66501L
Shock Stick, Mk 3Other66501
Antigravity BeltOther76,500L201/round
Organic Printing VatOther75,4003401/hour
Shortwave BroadcasterOther75400
Traction HolsterOther76,000L8010/minute
Scanner, Motion DetectorOther76,0001L101/hour
Swarmproof Bangles, AdvancedOther76,500401/minute
Tactical Seismic Coupler, Mk 3Other770001L202/round
Drift Glass GogglesOther891001201/minute
Envoy's MouthpieceOther89,000L202/hour
Hover AnchorOther89000L204/round
HoverskatesOther88,5001201/10 minutes
Mnemonic ScannerOther893502401/10 minutes
Portable Gravity FieldOther891001L205/round
Shock-absorbing HelmetOther88800L201/use
Gnomish Anytool, Mk 2Other885001
Gray Comm Unit, System-wideOther89,00040
Grenade Scrambler, Mk 3Other89,3001405/round
Infaux Sphere, BasicOther885002804/hour
Metaphysical Detector, Mk IIOther885001L
Nano Gadget Loadout, BeltOther89650L
Smart Lock, GoodOther887002L
Warning Wire, Mk 2Other88,800L401/hour
Portable Antrigravity FieldOther9132001L205/round
Short-circuit GrenadeOther92000
Autograppler, AdvancedOther912800L401/minute
Nanite Hypopen, WhiteOther92,3001L
Nanite Patch, Mk 3Other91950L
Phrenic Scrambler, ViridianOther913,000405/round
Scanner, True-Frame CameraOther912,2501L1002/hour
Scanner, X-Ray VisorOther915,000L401/round
Shock Stick, Mk 4Other920001
Tactical Seismic Coupler, Mk 4Other9140001L202/round
Bug SnareOther1074022201/use
DNA ScramblerOther1017,400L
Fungal BombOther102,750L
Inductive BandolierOther1019,000L1002/minute
Cavatina's Squeezebox, MasterOther101750021401/round
Domestic Drone, EliteOther1018,000Varies1001/hour
Emergency Raft, HovercraftOther1017,800440Varies
Bypass SubroutineOther1123,000
Imaginarium Projector, AdvancedOther1125000404/hour
Mimic Imager, HoveringOther1124,500L404/round
Nanite Hypopen, GrayOther113,5001L
Proximity Switch, Mk 3Other1120000
Tactical Seismic Coupler, Mk 5Other11250001L202/round
Flash Shield GeneratorOther1232,0001110010/use
Emotion Regulator, AdvancedOther1237,000L1001/10 minutes
Endearing Ears, Mk 3Other1238000L201/round
Grenade Scrambler, Mk 4Other1235,0001405/round
Infaux Sphere, AdvancedOther12325002804/hour
Meltdown Battery, Mk 2Other126000
Nanite Hypopen, GreenOther125,6001L
Nano Gadget Loadout, DusterOther12354001
Shock Stick, Mk 5Other12550011
Warning Wire, Mk 3Other1232,900L401/hour
Chrono Jumper SuitOther135350014040
Extreme HoverskatesOther13460001404/10 minutes
Memory ExpungerOther1350,000L
Quantum Tunnelling CoverallOther13478001204/use
Spear of FatesOther13102,30022
Spears of FatesOther13102300
Gnomish Anytool, Mk 3Other13457501
Phrenic Scrambler, VioletOther1349,000405/round
Carter's BatonOther1465,0001L808/round
Drift HarnessOther148500021005/use
Nanite CapsulesOther1412
Synaptic LinkOther1475,000L1005/round
Gray Comm Unit, UnlimitedOther1472,000120
Nanite Hypopen, RedOther1411,5001L
Entanglement BadgesOther15110,0002/use
Grounding BootsOther15105,000L1001/minute
Regeneration TableOther1645,000220
Superposition BeltOther16180,0002/use
Grenade Scrambler, Mk 5Other16165,00011005/round
Infaux Sphere, EliteOther1614800021004/hour
Smart Lock, SuperiorOther161500002L
Quantum BoxesOther17250,0002100See text
Proximity Switch, Mk 4Other17190000
Personal Phase ShifterOther18380,000110010/round
Weightless FootlockerOther18340,00021001/hour
Meltdown Battery, Mk 3Other1858000
Disintegration HoopOther20750,000110010/round
Grenade Scrambler, Mk 6Other20815,00011005/round
Portable Light, BeaconPortable Lights12521101/hour
Portable Light, FlashlightPortable Lights111L101/hour
Portable Light, LanternPortable Lights111L101/hour
Portable Light, SpotlightPortable Lights12521101/hour
Kishalee BatteryRelic2400
Kishalee Battery Relic2400
Holdall RaimentRelic42000L
Acclimation TorcRelic52700L
Dimensional Comm UnitRelic645001
Imposter DroneRelic64500121001/hour
Soul CameraRelic6450011201/minute
Kishalee Battery, High-CapacityRelic63,000
Kishalee Battery , High-CapacityRelic63000
Fitting JacketRelic77000L
Horizon ShieldRelic7650011
Hushing WireRelic77000
Kishalee Battery, Super-CapacityRelic75,000
Kishalee Battery , Super-CapacityRelic75000
Kishalee Battery, Ultra-CapacityRelic88,400
Kishalee Battery , Ultra-CapacityRelic88400
Sovereign HelmRelic914975L
Feelings LockboxRelic1124000L
Passthrough CloakRelic1125000L51/round
Time-pit BootsRelic1125000151/use
Explosion InhibitorRelic14750001101/round
Drift GauntletRelic20850000L
Restraints, BindersRestraints15
Restraints, ManaclesRestraints43501