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Hybrid Items

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 226
Hybrid equipment makes use of both technology and magic; though not necessarily in equal measure, both forces are crucial to the item’s function. Effects that modify or otherwise apply to magic or technological items also work when applied to hybrid items.


In some cases, hybrid items may require charges. However, such charged hybrid items typically function in a different way from charged technological items, whose batteries must be recharged or replaced. A hybrid item’s charges are inherent to the construction of the item and can’t be replenished with generators or batteries. Charges for a hybrid item either refresh each day or never refresh, depending on the item.

Wearing Hybrid Items

Hybrid items you wear on your body count as magic items when you are determining how many you can use at once (see page 222). You can wear only up to two total hybrid or magic items at a time for them to both function normally. Like for magic items, you cannot wear more than one of the same type of hybrid item except for rings. For instance, you could not wear both a mindlink circlet and a tiara of translocation. You cannot wear a magic item and hybrid item of the same type at the same time.
Cleanliness Circuits150
Diplomat’s Music Box1230
Dust Goggles1120
Instant Ground1251
Kvashbark Cartography Kit130
Locus Comm111,50020
Planar Flare175L
Plant Shield Amulet1300
Shotalashu Saddle1300
Starstone Compass13L
Sweet Dreambot11451
Thermal Regulator1150L
Absolute Compass, Mk 11250L
Defensive Threads, Mk 11502
Sense Silk, Mk 1150
Software Imp, Tier 11400
Canned Atmosphere2110
Everlength Rope28201
Anti-Gravity Puck, Mk 12190
Earrings of Dampening, Mk 12800
Empathic Depiction, Portrait2750
Hackbot, Mk 12550
Mask of Scrambling, Mk 12755L
Metal Nitro, Silver2175
Mindlink Circlet, Mk 121,600L
Proton Snare, Mk I25001
Radiation Converter, Mk 127501
Shadowstaff, Lesser25001
Alluvion Theodolite31,7502
Applied Magic Encyclopedia31,300
Book of Predilections31,500
Deoxy Pellet3250L
Extra Seat31,4001
Intonation Pendant31,250
Motion-Detection Badge31,350L
Redundancy Belt31,200L
Starlight Flute31,400L
Suspension Pill3250
Trap Scanner31,500
Animistic Tools, Mk 131,350L
Door Binder, Mk 131,400
Hack Shield, Mk 131,500
Hivejack, Mk 131,500L
Instant Vehicle, Basic Enercycle3500L
Instant Vehicle, Exploration Buggy3650L
Instant Vehicle, Torpedo Minisub3800L
Mind Memory Chip, Mk 131,435L
Mindshield Circlet, Basic31,350L
Null-space Kennel, Mk 131,300L
Software Imp, Tier 231,400
Wetware Bug, Mk 13255
Animated Trapsmith's Tools42,000L
Drain Grenade4700L
Eagle Eye Goggles42,500
Efficient Bandolier42,000L
Fog Pump41,2001
Gravitic Modulator42,2001
Keeper’s Rings42,000
Lightning Gatherer42,2502
Portal Scryer41,800
Psychic Booster42,000L
Static Glider41,8001
Ablative Insulation, Mk 14350L
Absolute Compass, Mk 241,800L
Computer Idol, Mk 141,850L
Creator Capsule, Mk 142,000L
Data Perusal Unit, Mk 142,000L
Empathic Depiction, Bust42,2001
Fearmonger, Mk 142,0001
Prescient Lenses, Mk 142,150
Sense Silk, Mk 24250
Telespectrum Circlet, Mk 142,400L
Vital Seed, Beast4650
Astral Transponder53,500L
Digital Harrow Deck53,500L
Everlatch Rope52,600L
Folding Boat53,1001
Fung-eye Goggles52,800L
Null-Space Tumor53,0501
Swarm Battery5550L
Current Generator, Mk 152,7502
Emergency Life Shell, Mk 15480
Hack Shield, Mk 252,900
Hackbot, Mk 252,800
Instant Vehicle, Ultralight Turboglider51,100L
Mask of Scrambling, Mk 253,100L
Mnemonic Editor, Mk 1550010
Null-Space Chamber, Mk 153,050L
Proton Snare, Mk II52,2001
Software Imp, Tier 352,800
Universal Solvent, Basic5500
Darkwater Grenade61,400L
Face Replicator64,2501
Instant Wall64,2501
Phase Detector64,000L
Tactokinesis Gloves64,450L
Data Perusal Unit, Mk 264,200L
Empathic Depiction, Statue64,5002
Holding Gloves, Mk 164,250L
Metal Nitro, Gold6675
Phase Excavator, Mk 164,0001
Radiation Converter, Mk 264,5002
Scrambler Gloves, Mk 164,500L
Wetware Bug, Mk 26630
Ancestor Drone76,5004
Autopsic Scanner76,3001
Breath-Stealer Mask76,800L
Hardlight Pole75,700
Mi-Go Hollowskin75,500L
Motospheres (pack of 4)75,600L
Animistic Tools, Mk 275,500L
Defensive Threads, Mk 277,5502
Door Binder, Mk 276,800
Earrings of Dampening, Mk 276,500
Hack Shield, Mk 375,600
Matter Converter, Mk I77,0001
Mindshield Circlet, Mk 176,250L
Null-space Kennel, Mk 276,000L
Retrieval Charms, Mk 176,500L
Software Imp, Tier 476,000
Advanced Aspis Badge88,500
Allegiance Collar810,000L
Dimensional Fetters89,2001
Dromada Clutch89,2001
Memory Crypt89,500
Mi-Go Brain Cylinder810,0001
Staff of Nuclear Vengeance810,5001
Starfinder Waystone Compass (Worn)88,000L
Teambuilding Charm89,000
Vampiric Charger810,000L
Void Projector88,500L
Ablative Insulation, Mk 281,500L
Anti-Gravity Puck, Mk 281,300
Computer Idol, Mk 288,500L
Creator Capsule, Mk 289,000L
Data Perusal Unit, Mk 389,100L
Emergency Life Shell, Mk 281,500
Fearmonger, Mk 289,3001
Instant Vehicle, All-Terrain Transport82,500L
Instant Vehicle, Pump-Jet Sub83,800L
Kinetic Converter, Mk 1810,500L
Mind Memory Chip, Mk 289,850L
Mindlink Circlet, Mk 2811,000L
Sense Silk, Mk 3811,000
Shadowstaff, Standard810,0001
Short Range Teleporter, Mk 1810,0001
Adjudicator's Eye912,500L
Cacophonic Generator913,3001
Entropy Gloves913,000L
Solarian Binding Crystal913,000
Telekinetic Gloves913,500L
Teleport Drone912,6001
Telesthetic Beacon912,500L
Captive-Star Amulet, Red Dwarf914,500L
Hivejack, Mk 2913,750L
Mask of Scrambling, Mk 3913,200L
Null-Space Chamber, Mk 2912,250L
Prescient Lenses, Mk 2913,900
Proton Snare, Mk III98,2001
Software Imp, Tier 5912,500
Soul Projector, Arriver915,000L
Universal Solvent, Concentrated92,000
Wetware Bug, Mk 392,000
Antipathy Unit1020,0005
Earthbound Anklets1017,000L
Necrotic Mantle1017,000L
Remote Surveyor1018,000L
Swarm Programmer Pill102,800
Telemedicine Chamber1019,60010
Void Dust102,550
Current Generator, Mk 21017,0002
Hackbot, Mk 31017,250
Metal Nitro, Platinum102,700
Mnemonic Editor, Mk 2103,00010
Radiation Converter, Mk 31018,7005
Scrambler Gloves, Mk 21018,000L
Short Range Teleporter, Mk 21018,5001
Telespectrum Circlet, Mk 21020,000L
Vital Seed, Zeolite105,000
Adaptive Swarm Mask1124,500L
Infiltration Assistant1128,000L
Psychodissonance Capacitor114,500
Void Hag Robe1125,0001
Animistic Tools, Mk 31122,000L
Mindshield Circlet, Mk 21124,500L
Null-space Kennel, Mk 31124,000L
Proton Snare, Mk IV1118,1001
Retrieval Charms, Mk 21126,000L
Software Imp, Tier 61125,000
Mind Guardian1236,000
Mind Scour1235,250L
Psychic Resonator1240,000100
Ablative Insulation, Mk 3125,500L
Computer Idol, Mk 31234,000L
Creator Capsule, Mk 31238,000L
Door Binder, Mk 31234,000
Earrings of Dampening, Mk 31236,000
Emergency Life Shell, Mk 3125,700
Fearmonger, Mk 31235,0001
Holding Gloves, Mk 21235,000L
Kinetic Converter, Mk 21242,000L
Matter Converter, Mk II1238,0001
Phase Excavator, Mk 21236,0001
Eoxian Wrackstaff1348,5001
Eyes of Rhean1355,000L
Captive-Star Amulet, Magnetar1354,000L
Mask of Scrambling, Mk 41350,500L
Null-Space Chamber, Mk 31350,000L
Software Imp, Tier 71350,000
Universal Solvent, Forte137,500
Consciousness Transfer Unit1489,70020
Dimensional Modulator1456,0002
Entanglement Belt (Pair)1468,0001
Force Shield Generator1478,0001
Quantum Processor1472,5001
Anti-Gravity Puck, Mk 31410,000
Metal Nitro, Star1410,800
Mind Memory Chip, Mk 31474,500L
Mindlink Circlet, Mk 31478,000L
Prescient Lenses, Mk 31477,000
Radiation Converter, Mk 41475,00020
Scrambler Gloves, Mk 31473,000L
Besmaran Rose15103,300L
Erasure Worm15110,000
Current Generator, Mk 31595,0002
Hivejack, Mk 315108,000L
Mindshield Circlet, Mk 315107,000L
Mnemonic Editor, Mk 31520,00010
Null-space Kennel, Mk 415102,000L
Retrieval Charms, Mk 315105,000L
Software Imp, Tier 815100,000
Soul Projector, Returner15120,000L
Transplanar Gluon Blade, Ethereal15135,000L
Life Fluid Hypopen1625,000
Vali Water1630,000
Interplanar Comm Unit, Inner Sphere16160,00060
Kinetic Converter, Mk 316172,000L
Proton Snare, Mk V16141,0001
Rel-Battery, Mk 116150,000
Short Range Teleporter, Mk 316172,5001
Telespectrum Circlet, Mk 316160,000L
Domination Visor17220,0001
Captive-Star Amulet, Pulsar17270,000L
Matter Converter, Mk III17270,0001
Null-Space Chamber, Mk 417250,000L
Rel-Battery, Mk 217225,000
Software Imp, Tier 917225,000
Universal Solvent, Regia1736,000
Vital Seed, Regrower1740,000
Phase Excavator, Mk 318330,0001
Rel-Battery, Mk 318325,000
Transplanar Gluon Blade, Astral18450,000L
Energy-Matter Gateway19600,0004
Rel-State Generator19550,000L
Mind Memory Chip, Mk 419585,000L
Mindshield Circlet, Mk 419550,000L
Rel-Battery, Mk 419500,000
Retrieval Charms, Mk 419480,000L
Software Imp, Tier 1019550,000
Quantum Pad20900,000L
Transposition Key20800,000
Interplanar Comm Unit, Outer Sphere20880,000100
Mnemonic Editor, Mk 420125,00010
Proton Snare, Mk VI20890,0001
Rel-Battery, Mk 520725,000
Soul Projector, Awakener20900,000L
Transplanar Gluon Blade, Shadow201,100,000L