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Book of Predilections

Source Starfinder #22: The Forever Reliquary pg. 52
Level 3; Price 1,500; Bulk


A Book of Predilections collects predilections from the Zamkan Commune into convenient volumes for contemplation. The price reflects these collections as digital files, downloadable to datapads or computers. Rare, hand-illuminated tomes, valued by collectors, can cost four times as much. The introspective nature of these thought puzzles helps the reader define their sense of self and personal desires. If you spend 30 minutes pondering the book after getting a full night’s rest, when you fail a Will saving throw against a charm or compulsion effect, you can reroll the saving throw. Doing so takes no action, but you can do so only once after each qualifying reading. The benefit ends after 24 hours or when you get another full night’s rest.