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Everlatch Rope

Source Galactic Magic pg. 44
Level 5; Price 2,600; Bulk L


Everlatch rope is a 50-foot length of cable spun from modern fibers and non-ferrous sensors, all enchanted with age-old transmutation. You can control an everlatch rope from a comm unit you designate, and you can re-cinch the rope to a different comm unit in your possession in a process that takes 1 minute. Using the comm unit as a standard action, you can instruct the rope to snake toward any point within 120 feet, designating a path for it to follow. The rope moves up to 20 feet per round, climbs up to 10 feet per round with an Athletics modifier of +12 to reach its destination, and can span gaps of up to 20 feet without support. The rope isn’t intelligent and tries to follow the assigned path, taking the most direct path it can sense if it encounters obstacles. Once the rope reaches its destination, one end anchors itself there, and the rest of the rope drops or extends in the direction you designate. If commanded to return, the rope detaches itself and slithers back toward the designated comm unit, coiling itself for easy storage.