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Everlength Rope

Source Galactic Magic pg. 44
Level 2; Price 820; Bulk 1


Everlength rope is a 50-foot length of woven metal similar to a mundane cable line. However, an everlength rope is a synthetic, vine-like creation that continuously regrows as if it were a plant, even after being harvested. One end of the rope terminates in a bulbous root node, and the other ends in a tangle of filaments. If an everlength rope is cut, the root node side regrows, extending the rope’s length by 2 feet every hour until it’s again 50 feet long. Any severed portion of the rope not connected to the root node becomes brittle and crumbles after 24 hours. An everlength rope doesn’t regrow if its root node is purposefully destroyed, or if the severed end takes fire damage.