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Face Replicator

Source Galactic Magic pg. 45
Level 6; Price 4,250; Bulk 1


The face replicator is a fast-acting 3D printer designed to create startlingly realistic full-head masks. Creating a mask requires 500 UPBs and takes 30 minutes, and the replicator requires a dataset (such as a hologram, photograph, or highly detailed sketch) to work from. The created mask blends seamlessly into your head and neck when worn, enabling you to change your appearance without using a disguise kit. In addition, you can use the mask to take the appearance of the specific creature on which the mask was modeled, applying the Disguise DC modifiers for disguising yourself as a different race, creature type, or size category as normal.
The face replicator can print as many masks as you have time and UPBs, but a mask can be worn only once. Removing the mask irreparably damages it, and the mask deteriorates after being worn for 48 hours.