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Instant Wall

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 162
Level 6; Price 4,250; Bulk 1


An instant wall is composed of magically color- and texture-changing fabric that becomes rigid when deployed, allowing it to appear solid and match its surrounding environment. This can be used to hide the presence of a squad in an exposed corridor, cover up the presence of a door, or even hide the fact that a door has been opened. As a standard action, you can deploy (or stow) an instant wall in a corridor up to 10 feet across. The wall blocks line of sight and grants a +20 circumstance bonus to Stealth checks for creatures hiding behind the wall against creatures on the other side. An observer must succeed at a DC 14 Perception check to detect that an apparent wall is in fact an instant wall. Any damage or significant force applied to the wall causes it to collapse into crumpled fabric.