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Keeper’s Rings

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 162
Level 4; Price 2,000; Bulk


These golden rings appear very stylish to the naked eye. Upon closer inspection, microcircuitry and runes can be seen embedded within the beautiful carved designs of the rings. Often assigned to high society individuals to be worn as part of some kind of probation agreement, these rings send out real-time location and vital signs at incredible range, broadcasting them up to an entire solar system. If the rings’ owners are anywhere in the same system, they can activate the rings with a single command and use them to bind the wearer’s hands together, as well as stun them for up to 1 minute. Wearers can escape the binding effect with a successful DC 16 Athletics or Sleight of Hand check and can avoid the stun effect with a successful DC 16 Fortitude save. The rings can also be remotely deactivated. Any unauthorized attempt to remove the rings will instantly alert the Stewards and cause the rings to bind and stun the wearer.