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Kvashbark Cartography Kit

Source Interstellar Species pg. 91
Level 1; Price 30; Bulk


This kit consists of an enchanted roll of kvashbark parchment and three pots of natural Maratan pigments augmented with nanites. The kit can be used to create a three-dimensional map of a space, using one paint to create the 2-D representation on the bark, another paint to suspend the 3-D elements above it, and the third paint to seal the illustration in place, limiting other modifications. Once sealed in this way and unrolled, the parchment projects the 3-D image depicted in glowing light— traditionally to chart a star system, though the kit is equally suited to creating less functional artwork. Using a kvashbark star chart or map of an area grants you a +1 circumstance bonus to Survival checks to orienteer or Piloting checks to navigate the depicted area.