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Lightning Gatherer

Source Starfinder #21: Huskworld pg. 42
Level 4; Price 2,250; Bulk 2


The gas giant Tarchuuva has much to offer in terms of rare gases and other unique items. The lightning gatherer, a metallic canister containing charged gases harvested from Tarchuuva, is one such item. Prongs and clamps on the canister’s bottom allow you to attach the lightning gatherer to a stationary object, provided that object is larger than the lightning gatherer. Deploying or recovering the canister is a full action that provokes attacks of opportunity. While deployed, creatures within 20 feet of the gatherer have cover against ranged attacks and area effects that deal only electricity damage, such as arcing surge or an attack from an arc pistol. Such effects bend toward the lightning gatherer. The bonus from saving throws due to this cover applies to any save against a critical hit effect from a weapon that deals only electricity damage.